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Nova Scotia Works employment services centres help Nova Scotians understand, prepare for, and fill the needs of the province’s job market.  Nova Scotia Works also helps businesses recruit, manage and develop the talent they need to be more productive here at home and around the world.

Client Services:

Self-serve employment services are those that can be accessed by an individual who is able to self-navigate to access information at the Centre and use the equipment and resources at the  Centre with little or no assistance.

Assisted employment services are activities which are designed to assist the individual overcome various employment related issues which prevent them from finding, obtaining or maintaining employment.  These assisted services include, but are not limited to, Job Search Services and Resources, Client Assessment Services, Case Management Services including Return-to-work Action Plan (RTWAP) Development, Management and Follow-up, Career Counselling, Diagnostic Referral, Job Coaching, Job Development, Job Maintenance, and services for employers.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Thursday  8:30 am – 4:30pm
Friday   8:30am – 3:00pm
Closed daily between 12 noon-1pm

Quote of the Day

“The distance is nothing; it’s the first step that counts.” – Madame Du Deffand

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