The Baddeck Employment & Resource Centre’s purpose is to assist the residents of Victoria County with client-centered, quality service.  We strive to assist individuals in the area of career exploration, entrepreneurial development and skills enhancement for the purpose of guiding the individual in the move to self-sufficiency in their career path.

At the Baddeck Employment and Resource Centre we’ve built our service on these values: working to make a difference in the community we serve, recognizing the power of partnership, realizing potential, honesty and integrity, recognizing individuals, rejecting limitations, and accepting responsibility. These values influence every aspect of our work and define how we interact with jobseekers, employers, our partners and each other.

We want to provide clients of the Baddeck Employment and Resource Centre the best possible service to enable them to become employable. We will provide a service that is:

Courteous – we will listen to your request and treat you with respect

Fair – we will provide services fairly and equitably

Private – we will respect your right to privacy and arrange a private interview

Confidential – we will treat the information you provide as confidential

These standards ensure that service delivery is based on the principles of timeliness, accuracy, fairness, clarity of communication and client satisfaction.


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